Running with the Dubbers Vol 8 Issue 1d

Wonderful Opportunities

“Dad and mom, the best thing in the whole entire world has just happened to me.”  Titus – as he hands us a rugby sign-up sheet he was given at school

We just have to share with you all the cool things that we have been able to see and do during our time in Canada.

Around Christmas time some of our family took Cassidy and Kylie to see the ‘Nutcracker Ballet’ performed by the Royal Alberta Ballet.  Friends also took Cassidy and Kylie to see a production of ‘Anne of Green Gables’ performed by the local high school.  Those were wonderful experiences.

Todd and Titus were able to go to two NHL hockey games together – once to see Todd’s beloved Vancouver Canucks and once to see Titus’ beloved Calgary Flames.  On both occassions their teams saw victory – mainly because they were there to see them play.  Unfortunately only one team can win the Stanley Cup.  Go Canucks Go!

In addition, we have all learned how to snowmobile, skate, and sled.  Cassidy will even be skiing in March with her class.  Todd is the only one in our family that has skied before.  Winter has been a new, fun, and very cold experience for our children.  Even though it is good we are longing for green grass and warm air again.