Running with the Dubbers Vol 8 Issue 1b

Squeezing It All Into One Year

“How are we supposed to get our science fair project done when you are traveling every weekend?!” Cassidy’s best friend

True – true – we are traveling almost every weekend.  It is a nice feeling to be all together in the mini-van heading somewhere – the kids find it kind of boring when we have a weekend at home.  We are thankful for kids that love to travel and for all of the wonderful family and friends that we have been able to see and new people that we have been able to meet.  God has overflowed our hearts with the blessing of wonderful relationships.  Thank you to everyone for your hospitality and listening ear as we talk about Kenya, Africa, and the joy we get out of walking with God.

When we are not traveling we have enjoyed attending church at Stettler Baptist.  We recently began hosting a Bible Study at our home and have enjoyed the discussions very much.  Kylie has also been attending a ladies Bible Study in Stettler and enjoys taking Ella to the library for reading and exercise programs.  Ella attends play school twice a week and enjoys play dates on the other days with friends in town.  Todd has received many subbing hours in the high school and has been helping out family and friends with small home projects.  He is also enjoying playing volleyball on a community team.  Cassidy is in grade five and has joined all of the clubs at school that she can – cup stacking, running, science, speech, drama, etc.  She is also in ballet lessons once a week and is looking forward to competitions in the spring.  Titus is in grade two and has been finding a lot of success with the hands on teaching methods at the public school here.  He is ice skating twice a week and has become very interested in collecting hockey cards and coins.

We have set a tentative itinerary for the next few months.  We are discovering that our time will be very interesting to manage with the kids ballet and rugby events and seeing supporters.  We are hopeful that we will be able to get to all of the places we can in the next few weeks.


Feb. 25-27  – MissionsFest in Edmonton

Mar. 6 – Castor Evangelical Missionary Church

Mar. 13 – Camrose Baptist Church

Mar. 18-20 – Lethbridge Evangelical Free Church Missions

April 3 – Stettler

April 10 – Stettler

April 17 – Central Fellowship – Prince George

April 24 – Stettler

May 1 – Battle Lake Community Church

May 8 – Stettler

May 21 – Men’s Prayer breakfast meeting in Calgary

May 22 – Hawkwood Baptist Church

May 29 – Brownfield Baptist Church