Running with the Dubbers Vol 8 Issue 1c

Kenya on Our Minds

“Ella isn’t telling the truth!  She hasn’t ridden on the roof of a car and chased zebras.”  Boy in Ella’s playschool

Indeed Ella has.  It has been fun to hear our kids share this and other adventures with their friends.  We did not know how they would respond to being in Canada and we are glad that, even though they have had a wonderful time in Canada, they are just as excited as we are about returning to Kenya in August.

The plan is to be in Stettler until the end of June.  We will then drive to Vancouver for Todd’s sister’s wedding on July 2nd.  We plan on spending much of July in British Columbia and then returning to Stettler for the first week of August so we can pack up.  We would like to book our tickets for the second week of August.

So far Todd will be returning to the same responsibilities – physical education department head, PE teacher, Canadian Studies teacher, and varsity volleyball coach.  Kylie’s responsibilities for next year are still up in the air but we know that an assignment is coming.

There will be a big reshuffling of administration at the school when we return as we will have a new superintendent, high school principal, and dean of men.  Please pray for smooth transitions.  We have been so blessed with amazing leaders and we are trusting God for the future.