You know you are Canadian when …

… zero degrees is considered a heat wave.  Wow, the last week has produced some major environmental mood swings.  First we were so excited when the daytime temperature finally got above zero.  It was glorious.  Then in the matter of 24 hours the temperature plummeted about forty degrees.  We woke to a completely unexpected mindnumbing cold.  Then a couple of days later we hit a plus seven degree high.  Will spring come or not?  The groundhog did not see its shadow during a “snowcopolase” in eastern North America.  We are so hoping that the tons of snow has a short life.

We have been traveling many miles in the past weeks.  Our times with supporters and churches has been so good.  We have been blessed to know people in many different places.  We are hoping that we will be fully supported by the time July comes so that we can focus on returning.  We will be attending Mission Fest in Edmonton and then attending the mission conference held by the Lethbridge E Free church.   We have so many people that we want to see and hope to be able to make time for everyone.  We are definitely sensing the time slipping fast as we are past the midway point of our time here in Canada.

Please be praying for safety in our travels and clarity in our presentations.  We believe that God will provide for us with both faithful prayer and financial supporters.