Christmas in Canada

It was a white Christmas for sure this year.  We had a great time visiting with family.  Todd’s parents and sister came and spent Christmas with us in Stettler.  We rode the steam train and saw real reindeer.  Then we were off to Bentley to camp out with the Stenstroms with twelve of us staying in the house.  We also threw in a quick pack up of the Stenstrom house to help them move on to Three Hills.  So far it has not been a dull time.  New Years found us at Kylie’s sisters house shooting off roman candles just holding them in our hands and then setting off a large firework display that had the kids both in awe and in fright.  Definitely a fun time.   We kicked off the new year with a sense of determination to really try develop relationships here that are long lasting.  Hopefully we will not just be guilty of sitting around this year but that we have worked hard at helping the local church become deeper and stronger in its faith.